Our goal at The Beauty & Wellness Center is to combine the rapidly developing field of aesthetic medicine with the modern techniques of cosmetic surgery and utilize knowledge gained from research in human physiology, hormone therapy, and cellular metabolism—apply these principles to develop health programs customized to each individual in a way that will enhance & fulfill the lives and dreams of the families we serve.

A beautiful life should be a balanced life. How we look and feel about ourselves affects who we are. Everyone desires to look & feel younger. The Beauty & Wellness Center was created with you in mind!

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Introducing an incredible anti-aging ALLINONE Active Skin Care Serum that penetrates the skin easily with results visible immediately! Dr. Whitten is proud to bring DeU ALLINONE Active Serum not only to Texas but to the United States!

This amazing, effective combination of highly pure and natural ingredients, perfectly balanced to work syngergistically to enhance the beneficial effects of each individual ingredient to optimize the results of treatment, was originally developed for cosmetic surgeons. Its purpose was to be a non-invasive alternative to filler and Botox injections. The immediate and intense smoothing, firming, and lifting effect is due to a unique, patented blend of hyaluronic acid, Nannochloropsis Oculata (marine algae or seaweed, harvested deep in the Atlantic Ocean) plus other plant extracts.

Within the first hour of application the serum forms a permeable derma-elastic film, leaving skin looking radiant and feeling smooth and supple. Following application, active ingredients immedidately begin to strengthen facial muscles and reduce wrinkles. The full effects are visible in about three weeks. Use of this formula has also shown remarkable improvement to neck firmness and smoothness of the chest and hands.

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Weight Control success story

Make a difference in your health through our weight control program!

Our Weight Control Program is not a diet but rather a principle based program using science and other principles to enable patients to make better choices and take control of their lives. Our Physician-Supervised Program is customized for each patient and gets proven results.

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Image: Suture Suspension face lift before and after!

The Best Option for Face, Breast, and Butt Lifts.

Suture suspension is taking the world by storm and has, in our opinion, replaced traditional lifts. It is fast, requires no general anesthesia, and offers natural immediate results. We love Suture Suspension and we know you will too.

Traditional lifts required a surgeon to make large, dramatic incisions in order to create results. With Suture suspension, however, several small incisions are combined with long internal sutures. These serve to shape the face and body without resorting to invasive and complex surgery.

Procedure options include: face lift, butt lift, breast lift and custom dimples.

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