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What is Ultra-High Definition Body Sculpting?

UHD liposuction is our latest and most exciting new offering. Using VASER 1.0 and special techniques, we can not only flatten, but greatly enhance the definition and presence of muscles that may be hiding under a little fat. Popular among celebrities and elite athletes, UHD liposuction is now available to all of our potential patients and is amazingly affordable.

The Beauty & Wellness Center in Northeast Texas is the first surgical center in Texas to offer Ultra-High Definition Liposuction and Body Contouring, which comes to us by way of renowned Centers for Health Promotion in South Florida.

While there are many (and a growing number) of practitioners who claim to do “body sculpting,” we are the only facility in the area and at least within 200 miles to offer “Ultra-High Definition” VASER and laser liposuction body sculpting. This is the latest refinement of the techniques of liposuction that began so crudely over 20 years ago. Our results speak for themselves.

Image: Flat absOur training is with the finest practitioners, the leading edge proponents and developers of the techniques that we employ. Our services are unique in the area in that we provide our body sculpting procedures under local anesthesia with only the lightest sedation. Our subjects are wide-awake and can carry on conversations with us as we work, giving feedback and participating more fully in the experience. Our patients report an extraordinarily high degree of satisfaction, knowing that they have been awake and alert throughout, asking whatever questions occur to them as the procedure goes along.

There is no danger of anesthesia and there is minimal recovery time after our procedures. We can literally change your body within a few hours – the first step in changing your life forever!

The Before & After Photos

We invite you to browse our before and after photos of Ultra-High Definition liposuction. After all, pictures are worth thousands of words?

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Image: Botox at The Wellness CenterWhat patients have said about Ultra-High Def!

"I always hated the bulge on my belly. I can feel my abs, which I haven't felt or seen in a long time. It's awesome. I know it's only been a few days, but it's awesome what we're seeing after a few days."

Six-Pack Abs in an Afternoon!

We offer six-pack abs for men in an afternoon, or a 2 dress size reduction in girth in a few hours. With your new body, you will be empowered to approach life with a whole new attitude – zest and confidence flow from the recognition of your new beautiful self, overflowing into all areas of your life! Your friends and family will be amazed and you will be filled with pride and joy.

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Our consultations are absolutely FREE

We offer free, confidential consultations for patients and their families without obligation. We will spend whatever amount of time is needed to custom design a program to fit the desires and needs of each individual. First, we go over your goals, your questions, and whatever your ends in mind. Then, our trained staff will prescribe a treatment & product plan just for you.

For those who have had unsatisfactory experiences elsewhere, or for those who have “done all the research” and know exactly what they want, we will do all we can to satisfy without attempting to sell a program that may not be desired. Every improvement in the way you look and feel will have a positive impact on your life. Contact us today.




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