Post-Operative Care & Joint Pain Treatment

post-operative care and joint pain treatments in Texarkana

Post Operative Care / Joint Pain Treatment / Cortisone Injections

One of the most aggravating and occasionally debilitating features of growing older is the gradual wearing out of the joints that support our weight. While there are many examples of inflammatory arthritis that require specific medical therapy, and while many exciting advances have been made in the treatment of these inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriatic arthritis, lupus, and other auto-immune disorders, almost everyone experiences what we like to call “wear-and-tear” arthritis or degenerative joint disease.

Over the years, our activities of daily living inevitably lead to the gradual wearing out of the lining of our most important weight bearing joints, especially our knees and hips. While this process is inevitable with advancing age, it occurs much earlier in individuals who carry a great deal of extra weight and/or who have been extraordinarily active in sports or have suffered specific injuries to these weight bearing joints. At the Beauty & Wellness Center, we offer multiple treatment options for people suffering from joint pains, including the smaller joints of the hands and elbows.

When you consult with Dr. Whitten, he may recommend Cortisone Injections, with or without Platelet Rich Plasma. He may also recommend Jaliren® injections (available soon) or topical therapy utilizing essential oils or prescription formulations of FDA approved medications. Dr. Whitten is an expert in performing joint injections and we offer these services at a very affordable cost.

For patients who are post-operative knee replacement or arthroscopic surgery we also offer the Venus Freeze® treatment. We see much more rapid healing and recovery of a pain free post-operative state in our Venus Freeze® patients.

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Our consultations are absolutely FREE

We offer free, confidential consultations for patients and their families without obligation. We will spend whatever amount of time is needed to custom design a program to fit the desires and needs of each individual. First, we go over your goals, your questions, and whatever your ends in mind. Then, our trained staff will prescribe a treatment & product plan just for you.

For those who have had unsatisfactory experiences elsewhere, or for those who have “done all the research” and know exactly what they want, we will do all we can to satisfy without attempting to sell a program that may not be desired. Every improvement in the way you look and feel will have a positive impact on your life. Contact us today.


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