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Stem Cell Harvesting - At a Glance.

Through recent breakthroughs in medical science, stem cells from your own fat can be used to restore, reshape and enhance your figure in a safe and natural way. It's a combination of technology and enhanced cosmetic surgery techniques available at The Beauty and Wellness Center that make it all possible and we have never been more excited about what this means for you!

What Stem Cell Harvesting can mean for you.

Thanks to these new technological advancements, concentrated stem cell-rich fat has become the best, most natural and safest "filler" product on the market. This fat is now used to treat and enhance crow's feet, frown lines, jowls, cheeks, chins, hands, and more. In certain cases, it can even replace traditional face lift surgery as the most viable option to improve your looks.

Stem Cell Harvesting - The procedure.

Stem Cell harvesting from fat is derived from our VASER liposuction/fat transfer system. Since fat is relatively easy to find on the body, repeat/multiple procedures can be carried out at a fraction of the price of other procedures. Fat captured is separated from other fluids and concentrated with the fat cells perfectly in tact. This concentrated fat and stem cells are then immediately ready to inject into the target areas.

Stem Cell Harvesting is a area of cosmetic surgery that is enjoying profound growth as new applications continue to be found. We are excited about the future of stem cell harvesting and even more excited to be able to offer the option to our patients at The Beauty and Wellness Center, in Texarkana Texas.

For more information, contact our medical team today.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it must be remembered that cosmetic surgery is designed for improvement, not perfection. All patients should have realistic goals and expectations regarding results of treatment.

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Our consulations are absolutely FREE.

We offer free, confidential consultations for patients and their families without obligation. We will spend whatever amount of time is needed to custom design a program to fit the desires and needs of each individual. We believe in the sanctity of individual decision-making and will make every effort to comply with the desires of each person who comes to our attention. For those who have had unsatisfactory experiences elsewhere, or for those who have “done all the research” and know exactly what they want, we will do all we can to satisfy without attempting to sell a program that may not be desired. Contact us today.


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