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The Beautiful Life Concept

Life is full of choices and that affects how you look and feel.  Living a rapidly aging and unhappy life can make you feel depressed and wrinkled.  When you choose to lead a “Beautiful Life” you can look and feel younger regardless of your age.  The Beauty and Wellness Center offers seminars, activities, diet, and lifestyle changes to give you the best life possible.  Our belief in a Balanced, Beautiful Life is a blend of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  By using a dedicated holistic approach, paired with science, we can help you live your life with enthusiasm.  Remember, when you feel confident in how you look, your beauty will radiate from within.

Dr. David Whitten

Dr. David Whitten

Medical Director

Harvard graduate and scientist, Dr. David Whitten is highly trained in ultra-high definition laser and VASER liposuction/body sculpting.  He is a specialist in Suture Suspension Lifts using Serdev-Reynolds techniques and is affiliated with the Center for Health Promotions, LLC.  His expertise provides patients with outstanding results.

Dr. Whitten is internationally published in peer-reviewed scientific literature and has given multiple lectures.  He is a lifetime Fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians.  As a university professor of Physiology, Whitten has taught in medical, dental, pharmacy, and nursing schools.  He has been featured on several mainstream media outlets throughout his career.

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Payment is required before each procedure is performed.  We accept all major credit cards, as well as cash, checks, wire transfers, traveler’s and cashier’s checks. CareCredit is our preferred financing provider.  Care credit offers no teaser or introductory rates, no application fees, and no pre-payment penalties.  

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