Breast Reduction — Women

While many women desire breast augmentation and while breast implant surgery is a very popular procedure, at least as many women are troubled by excessively large breasts. We offer relief for women who suffer the embarrassment and discomfort of an overly generous bosom.

Excessive fat and breast tissue can be far more than a cosmetic problem, because very heavy breasts are associated with chronic chest wall pain, feelings of shortness of breath, and skin rashes which can be due to excessive heat, friction and even fungal growth in the folds under the heavy breast. Often dress sizing is difficult and finding an adequately supporting bra can be a challenge. We can promise at least a 2 cup reduction in breast size with a scarless and relatively brief procedure that can be performed with or without sedation.

Typically our patients can spend half an afternoon or morning to achieve a permanent improvement in the discomfort and embarrassment of an overly generous bosom.

Breast Reduction — Men

Gynecomastia literally means “Male Breast.” This is a problem that many men have which is undesirable and may be severely embarrassing. The condition arises as a result of the excessive development of the normally rudimentary breast tissue present in all men. This can be genetically determined or may be the result of treatment with various drugs, including certain hormones and occasionally with blood pressure medications. Most commonly, there is no definite cause that can be identified – it just happens in some men.

We have a procedure that is performed with or without sedation that restores a natural and sleek appearance to the chest without scarring. This procedure combines limited liposuction of excessive fat underlying the breast with complete excision of the abnormal breast tissue. This procedure can restore a man’s confidence in his appearance to the point that men who have never taken their shirt off in public may proudly dress in beachwear revealing their new manly appearance.