DermaPen Micro Needling / PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

At the Beauty & Wellness Center, we use a technique in which we isolate a portion of our patients’ own blood to enhance the effectiveness of our treatments. Top professional athletes rely upon this regenerative procedure to keep their bodies moving & effective and you can as well.

It works by our drawing a specimen of blood, we then put that through the centrifuge to isolate the blood plasma – a portion of whole blood that is rich in platelets and various non-cellular proteins known to be important in supporting wound healing and repair, such as growth factors and proteins important in stimulating cellular regeneration and in nourishing the tissues. This is known as "Platelet Rich Plasma" or, also called, "Autologous Conditioned Plasma."

When we perform any invasive technique for rejuvenation, such as when we perform Dermapen® microneedling, or Viva® nano-fractional skin resurfacing, or when we perform autologous fat grafting or fat transfer, we can enhance the effectiveness of these treatments by also including Autologous Conditioned Platelets. The inclusion of PRP in our treatment requires only a very affordable additional fee of $400 to cover our cost for this service — we believe it to be well worth the additional cost. When we inject a joint with “cortisone” or bio-active filler, such as the soon-to-be-available Jaliren® product from RossPharma, we can also include PRP for enhanced effectiveness.