Hormone Therapy: BHRT, Anti-Aging and Sexual Health

We are excited to be partnering with Red River Pharmacy in providing the latest and best hormone treatments for both men and women. We utilize custom formulations of FDA approved products in a scientifically based approach both male and female hormone deficiencies. We participate in national conferences and stay abreast of the latest scientific literature while utilizing the Red River Pharmacy’s excellent staff in analyzing the need for hormone replacement with balanced recommendations for treatment. We thoroughly cover the risk/benefit informed consent discussion with our patients and follow them carefully to assess effectiveness of treatment. We utilize topical, oral, injection, and pellet based therapy.

If you are interested in evaluation for hormone replacement therapy, you will see Dr. Whitten for an initial evaluation. He will refer you for a blood draw or for a saliva test with consultation by the Red River Pharmacy staff. After analyzing the results of blood and/or saliva testing, you will have a second consultation to discuss the results and to outline a plan for treatment.

As people are living longer and more productive lives, the natural decline in hormone function associated with ageing can interfere with a person’s sense of wellbeing in addition to impairing energy, appetite and sexual function. Instead of just giving in to the gradual diminution of energy, activity, mental, emotional and sexual function that goes along with increasing age, many of our patients experience the restoration and maintenance of these functions as part of our overall anti-ageing treatment plan which includes skin care products and nutritional supplements.

In partnership with RossPharma and Red River Pharmacy we also offer products and services designed to restore and improve male and female sexual health and appetite. As part of the ageing process, too many men and women suffer the loss of the excitement and fulfillment that these functions provided when they were younger.

In addition to hormonal treatments, we offer injectable, oral and topical treatments that specifically target areas of dysfunction from erectile dysfunction to loss of libido to loss of vaginal elasticity and function. Everyone should lead a balanced, beautiful life. Call today for your confidential consultation.