The Beauty & Wellness Center can offer relief to those in whom a youthful decision to adorn their body with permanent decorations causes embarrassment and remorse in later years. While many people enjoy decorative tattoos and can’t seem to decorate their body enough, many others are embarrassed that what once seemed to be beautiful body art, now seems foolish and unwise. For whatever the reason, we proudly offer tattoo removal as a service.

We offer VIVA treatments which take the place of CO2 laser treatments, which can completely remove most tattoos in a few treatment sessions. To learn more about your tattoo removal options at BWC, please give our office a call today. Today can be the first day on the road to a better, healthier, happier tomorrow. As always, all patients should have realistic goals and expectations regarding results of treatment. A consultation is needed for this treatment to go over how many visits, cost, and other options.