We are delighted to be the only local provider of Nano-Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatments utilizing the revolutionary Venus Concepts® Viva® machine. This machine utilizes radiofrequency energy in a very controlled setting to achieve fractional skin resurfacing at a much lower cost, with less discomfort, and with much reduced downtime when compared with traditional CO2 laser skin resurfacing or other laser fractional skin resurfacing techniques. Furthermore, the Viva® machine can be utilized in many other conditions and is effective when used in treatment of any body part.

Typically for the best results, a series of 3 treatments is necessary. These treatments should be scheduled at roughly 3-4 week intervals and the results are long lasting. The ballpark cost for a complete series of 3 treatments for a given body area, such as the face, is $2,000. A consultation is recommended to discuss pricing.

The Viva® technique can also be used in treatment of unsightly scars, uneven or hyper-pigmentation, and in certain types of tattoo removal on various body parts. The Viva machine is brand new, unique in the Texarkana area, and is still undergoing clinical trials, with FDA approval as a medical device expected by the end of the year.