Suture Suspension Lift Defined
Suture Suspension Lift (SSL) is, in its simplest terms, a procedure that lifts loose skin or flabby soft tissue.

Where traditional lifts required a surgeon to make large, dramatic incisions in order to create results, the SSL experience is quite the opposite. And whereas traditional lifts are only temporary, requiring repeated procedures as the years go by, The SSL technique leads to permanent results. Instead of extensive incisions, the SSL technique utilizes several minor puncture wounds, through which we place special FDA approved internal sutures to contour and shape the face and body. The procedure is so minimally invasive that it is done utilizing local anesthesia - it does not require IV sedation or general anesthesia! We attach and lift sagging and misshapen anatomical features to immovable and fixed anatomical structures, resulting in a permanent "fix." You'll be wide awake and comfortable during the entire procedure, and you will have little or no "down time" for recovery. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities of daily living or work the very next day.

The Reynolds-Serdev Technique - In Depth
The Reynolds-Serdev Techique lifts the deep moveable subcutaneous tissue by anchoring it to non-moveable tissue (fascia which covers the muscle, periosteum which covers the bone, or the bone itself). Employing this technique results in a more natural and youthful appearance. The Reynolds-Serdev technique is ideal for lifting the face, neck, chin, ear, nose, eyebrow, breast, buttocks, and abdomen.

This technique is significantly better than typical forms of of lifting, which are superficial and generally do not last as long. These superficial lifts go by the names of "Curl Lift", "Coffee Break Lift", "Contour Thread Lift", "Feather Lift", etc. These approaches appear similar but do not last nearly as long as procedures done using the Reynolds-Serdev Technique. (For patients who desire a cheaper but less permanent facial or buttock lift, we also offer the Silhouette Lift.)

  • Key Benefits of Suture SuspensionImage: Drama Masks illustrate the concept of Suture Suspension
  • No scarring
  • No general anesthesia or IV sedation
  • A natural look.
  • Immediate results
  • Reversible results
  • Beautification Principles

Beautification of the face is best on 3 principles:
1-Proportion ("1/3" "1/3" "1/3")

Popular Suture Suspension procedures offered:

Face suspension / lifts - Replace a sad, sagging face with a happy face. Create a younger and more natural appearance.

Buttocks suspension / lifts - Narrow the buttocks while giving the appearance of more volume and lift. Elongate the legs.

Breast suspension / lifts - Lift the breast approximately 1-2 inches via a scarless puncture wound. Particularly beneficial to women who often suffer from keloiding from traditional breast lifts.

Custom Dimpling - Add beautiful dimples to your cheeks.

Suture Suspension Results

Results are seen after an SSL immediately, as seen in our before and after photos. Most of our before & after pictures were taken the same day or less than 48 hours later.

Suture Suspension Safety

There have been no reported significant complications reported using the Reynolds-Serdev Suture Suspension technique. This procedure has been in practice since 1996 and has been performed thousands of times.



Breast Reduction — Women

While many women desire breast augmentation and while breast implant surgery is a very popular procedure, at least as many women are troubled by excessively large breasts. We offer relief for women who suffer the embarrassment and discomfort of an overly generous bosom.

Excessive fat and breast tissue can be far more than a cosmetic problem, because very heavy breasts are associated with chronic chest wall pain, feelings of shortness of breath, and skin rashes which can be due to excessive heat, friction and even fungal growth in the folds under the heavy breast. Often dress sizing is difficult and finding an adequately supporting bra can be a challenge. We can promise at least a 2 cup reduction in breast size with a scarless and relatively brief procedure that can be performed with or without sedation.

Typically our patients can spend half an afternoon or morning to achieve a permanent improvement in the discomfort and embarrassment of an overly generous bosom.

Breast Reduction — Men

Gynecomastia literally means “Male Breast.” This is a problem that many men have which is undesirable and may be severely embarrassing. The condition arises as a result of the excessive development of the normally rudimentary breast tissue present in all men. This can be genetically determined or may be the result of treatment with various drugs, including certain hormones and occasionally with blood pressure medications. Most commonly, there is no definite cause that can be identified – it just happens in some men.

We have a procedure that is performed with or without sedation that restores a natural and sleek appearance to the chest without scarring. This procedure combines limited liposuction of excessive fat underlying the breast with complete excision of the abnormal breast tissue. This procedure can restore a man’s confidence in his appearance to the point that men who have never taken their shirt off in public may proudly dress in beachwear revealing their new manly appearance.



Liposuction Defined

Liposuction is defined as the removal of fat deposits beneath the skin using a hollow stainless steel tube (called a cannula) with the assistance of a powerful vacuum. Liposuction at The Beauty & Wellness Center--located in Northeast Texas--is accomplished with local anesthetic (tumescent fluid) and is with our cutting-edge LipoSelect® ultrasound machine. Our patients are never put to sleep.

Ultra-High Definition (UHD)™ Liposuction/Body Sculpting

UHD Liposuction/Body Sculpting is the latest and most exciting new offering at BWC. Using VASER 1.0 and special techniques, we can not only flatten, but greatly enhance the definition and presence of muscles that may be hiding under a little fat. Popular among celebrities and elite athletes, UHD liposuction is now not only available to all of our potential patients, but is also more affordable than ever before. See the photos here.

VASER Classic 1.0™+ Fat Transfer

LipoSelection® only by VASER® / Sound Surgical Technologies is latest-generation liposuction equipment that combines new patented technology with advanced surgical techniques to break up and melt fatty tissue. Unwanted fat can be efficiently removed from abs, arms, back, hips, knees, love handles, neck, chin, saddlebags and thighs.

The VASER system is a state-of-the-art liposuction machine that features an ultrasound probe that melts fat, leaving surrounding tissue (such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue) relatively intact. The liquefied fat is then removed through our gentle suctioning process, through which damage to surrounding tissue is further reduced. Fat can also be harvested for transfer into other, more desirable areas of your body.

A hot trend in liposuction and body sculpting, fat transfer procedures use your own fat (removed from one area of your body) to add volume to or contour another part of the body. VASER Lipo-treated fat is typically higher-quality, and easier to transfer for these types of procedures.

The amazing VASER liposuction system can also be used to harvest stem-cells from your fat cells, making it one of the most unique and significant pieces of medical equipment of any kind. The Beauty & Wellness Center in Texas remains on the cutting edge by offering VASER 1.0 to our patients and future patients.

Liposuction Defined

Body-Jet™Water liposuction System

Body-Jet Liposuction is a new liposuction technique that delivers pulses of saline fluids to gently dislodge fat for removal. This novel approach eliminates the need for the brute force movement of a suction cannula (tube) which is necessary with traditional liposuction or tumescent liposuction.  Traditional liposuction also requires a lengthy pre-infiltration phase where large quantities of tumescent fluid (a saline/adrenaline/lidocaine mixture) are introduced into the body. While Body-Jet uses these same fluids, less of the medications are typically needed during the procedure. These medications are used by your doctor to reduce discomfort and to manage bleeding.

With Body-Jet, the quantity of fluid maintained at any given time within the body is greatly reduced, allowing us to more accurately remove fat during the procedure. This new approach using the Body-Jet often can yield a superior cosmetic result. Body-Jet Liposuction is frequently performed in less time than traditional liposuction and patients experience less bruising due to the gentle water spray technique often referred to by patients as water lipo or H2O lipo.

Body-Jet Lipo Differences and Advantages:

  • Water-Jet Method --> Fluid dislodges fat, not brute force
  • Local anesthesia --> Less risk
  • Efficient fluid management --> Less bloating and swelling; accurate results
  • New liposuction technique --> Requires less time to perform
  • Gentle fluid spray --> Minimal bruising and short recovery

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction refers to a technique that uses large volumes of very dilute local anesthesia that is injected into the fat causing the targeted areas to become tumescent, or swollen and firm. Local anesthesia is widely regarded as the safest form of anesthesia. Post Op, patients typically will take Extra Strength Tylenol for pain.

Tumescent Technique is Safest

The tumescent technique for liposuction is unquestionably the safest form of liposuction. When tumescent liposuction is done correctly (not excessively), it is a very safe procedure. For example, there have been no reported deaths associated with tumescent liposuction totally by local infiltration anesthesia. The dilute epinephrine contained in the tumescent anesthetic solution profoundly shrinks capillaries and thus virtually eliminates surgical blood loss.


Compressive liposuction garments are worn for a period of time to augment the reattachment of skin to the underlying surface and to aid in the molding of the contour of the body. All liposuction patients order one prior to surgery from one of our recommended garment resellers.

Liposuction Complications and Safety

Liposuction patients can develop seromas (a collection of lymphatic fluid) which must be drained. Patients can also develop skin irregularities, hematomas can also occur, or numbness of the skin. Liposuction should be done without general anesthesia. Most life-threatening liposuction complications have been associated with the use of general anesthesia (being put to sleep), including excessive blood loss, perforation of organs due to penetration the abdominal cavity causing damage to abdominal organs, including intestines, liver, stomach, etc. The important thing to remember that 97% of these kinds of liposuction complications are associated with General anesthesia, which is not administered at The Beauty & Wellness Center in Northeast Texas.


"I had my chest and love handles done. All done by local anesthetic, so I was awake during the procedure. It was painless and lasted a couple of hours. I had lost several pounds and had to wear a belt to keep my pants up. The surgery is the best. I'm very pleased with the results and I love the shape of my body now."

lipo-patient1 Edited

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